Visiting the Holy Land

Take comfort to a whole new level. Whether for business or pleasure, take it up a notch with luxury apartments in Israel that feel like a home away from home.

Live in Style with These Luxury Apartments in Israel

Israel is a country filled with historical significance and draws over a half a million visitors each year. Even individuals on business in the nation find time away from work to experience what the country offers. Israel has wonderful hotels in which one may reside, but for extended stays, create a home away from home with luxury apartments in Israel. Having a home in which to relax once finished with studies, business, and while visiting family enhances comfort.

Israeli Resorts


Many of the exclusive buildings within the nation are beach side. Take advantage of resort living. Some homes include in-building features such as swimming pools and saunas. Look to areas like Eilat for seaside luxury. Located near the Red Sea, expect warm breezes and clear blue waters. Travelers from all walks of life and every part of the world make this a holiday destination each year. One may find short-term rentals that book just like hotels, where visitors can rent by the day, as opposed to week or month.


Another location to check out luxury apartments in Israel is Netanya. Also on the coastal plain, find apartments that accommodate large groups. Friends can split the costs for a vacation. A large family can make it a holiday with sightseeing and frolicking on the beach. Look for deals on multilevel penthouse suites.

Because so many families with young children make this a destination, seek a kid-friendly building that includes a playground or is within proximity to parks and other fun activities. For singles and couples who enjoy just want to relax, look for apartments within a few miles of fine dining, theaters, and shopping.

Tel Aviv

Individuals concerned with meal preparation areas can request spaces that feature kosher kitchens. Due to the high level of standards, expect buildings to include security, parking, and great telecommunication features. Many have been fitted for cable television and Internet. For those who prefer to keep their dirty laundry a secret, rent an apartment with an en-suite washer and dryer.

Israel is small in size, but rich in community. Visitors are surprised to find varied cultural experiences throughout the numerous neighborhoods located in such a small area. You can easily find Tel Aviv luxury apartments side by side with a foreign workers shack. This makes it just that much easier to gain a sense of culture, while communing with its people.

Now is the perfect time to explore a nation – don’t miss out on the Holy Land!