Unique DIY Christmas Decoration

Christmas is the ultimate occasion that allows you to decorate the house in the most festive manner possible. If you’re one of the creative ones, a true do-it-yourself-er, a person with great imagination and a flair for the beautiful, the holiday season is where your skills can show best.

Instead of buying decorations, why not make some yourself? This doesn’t require much. Call in your muse or the Christmas fairy that whispers ideas into your ears while you’re asleep and get ready for a total home transformation.

The good thing about DIY projects in general is that you can make exactly what you have in mind, which, of course, applies to Christmas home decoration as well. Also, each year your house will look different based on the new ideas that magically start to pop out around the holidays when inspiration is practically everywhere. For an experienced DIY-er just a glimpse of something beautiful is enough to unlock the stream of ideas.

An Unconventional Christmas Tree

Maybe this year it’s time for a change, time to break the norms and give up the idea of the typical tree for Christmas. The fresh cut trees and the artificial ones are not a very eco-friendly option in the first place. Reusing, however, is considered green, and that’s what you’ll be doing. For the purpose you’ll need: old magazines with Christmas related picture and inspirational phrases you’ll cut out; the Christmas cards you received last year or a few years back; a big piece of cardboard; wrapping or tissue paper.

Start with a tall piece of cardboard. Glue a one-colour wrapping or tissue paper to one side of it. It’s probably best to use a pastel coloured paper since it will serve only as a background and thus the important part of the tree will stand out better. If you use paper that’s decorated with drawings on it, make sure they are subtle and not too overwhelming. So, this will be used as a base for the DIY Christmas tree you’re making.

Randomly start taping the pieces that you cut out of magazines along with the old cards to the already wrapped cardboard in such a way that you get a tall triangular shape that reminds of a Christmas tree. You can even stick a paper star on top that you’ve obviously made yourself. Some of the garlands you have from last year can also come in handy.

Once this is done, you can lean the decorated cardboard against the wall where you want your tree to be. Wrapping some boxes in a decorative paper and tying them with a ribbon can really add up to the overall festive look.

DIY Bow Garlands

The making of such bow garlands doesn’t require much skills or hard to find materials.

  • What you need is a basic ribbon (the one used for wrapping presents) and tissue paper of any colour you have
  • Cut the tissue paper into rectangular pieces; they don’t have to be all the same size or even colour.
  • The ribbon you have shouldn’t be very wide; the narrower, the better. You’ll see what appeals to you most once you read the paragraph till the end
  • So, take the ribbon and tie a knot without completely closing it
  • Now, grab any rectangular piece of tissue paper and place it in the knot
    Before tying the knot tightly, make sure that it will be in the middle of the tissue paper piece
  • When you tie it, you should get a beautifully looking bow.
  • Add other bows on the same ribbon, and once you finish, you’ll have a completed bow garland. You can choose the distance between the bows yourself.
  • Good advice would be to start at one end of the ribbon and move to the other so that you won’t have bows standing in your way when making knots. This way, one side of the ribbon will always be bowless, so to speak, which will ease the knot-making process.

These two ideas won’t hurt your budget. Rather, they can be made out of material you already have at home.