Top Ten Best Novelty School Supplies for 2012

Lets face it, school can be a little boring. Sometimes your school work gets put on the back burner if you do not have the proper supplies to take initiative. You have the pencils, the pens, and even the erasers for those all to common mistakes. But why not add a little pizzazz to the mix and use some supplies that can actually make school fun? Thats right! I am talking about fulfilled school supplies that will make you the envy of every classmate. Maybe you are stuck in an office? That’s perfect! Don’t let your cubicle bring you down. Notebooks out everyone. Here are the top ten Novelty school supplies for 2012!

American football ballpoint pensNumber 10 – Football Pop Out Pens!

These are the real deal! You can forget about paper football with these pens. As soon as you feel the overwhelming feeling of writers block take a football break! These make for great fun, and they get the job done.



Number 9 – Cell Phone Sharpenercell phone pencil sharpener

Now that cell phones are so popular, teachers have to keep a keen eye to make sure students are not using them in class. But now with a cell phone pencil sharpener you can keep your phone on you at all times! Great way to play a trick too!



Number 8 – Pencil Toppers

Pencil toppers are a great way to add some fun to your writing. You can find a pencil topper from almost every interest or idea. These can really bring your pencils, imagination, and of course your school work to life.



Number 7 – Book Covers

Sometimes school textbooks can seem dry and boring. They all look the same, and much of the time they are disturbingly boring to crack open. This is where a fresh book cover can help. Maybe you’ll pick your favorite sports team, a favorite animal, or even just a cool picture! What ever the case, book covers make for better reading.



guitar calculatorNumber 6 – Rockin’ Calculators

A calculator is meant to do one thing. Help you with math – and of course figure out with words you can spell with the 9 digits you have to choose from. These rocking calculators take math to the next treble. I mean level!



Number 5 – Scented Highlighters

If you are in school you are going to be doing a ton of highlighting. Hopefully not just in your hair. Scented highlighters make all the difference when you are preparing for the big test. Not only will you be able to accentuate the important pieces of a topic visually, but come test time, you will be able to sniff out the right answers.



Number 4 – Mini Staplers

When it is time to turn in that 4 page rough draft don’t waste your time standing in line for the stapler. A mini stapler fits just about anywhere and is a great way to keep yourself organized!



Number 3 – Personalized Backpacks

Everyone feels the weight of a school semester on their shoulders. Literally. That doesn’t mean you can’t do it in style. A backpack that suits you is a top priority. You don’t want to be caught on the playground without one.



Number 2 – Lunch Boxes

Brown paper bags are out. Cool lunch boxes are in. You want to make sure the best part of the day, lunch, isn’t ruined. Keep your food somewhere you know its safe. If you have your own personal lunch box you wont have to worry about putting your name on it.



St Patrick's Day pensNumber 1 – Seasonal Goodies

The seasons are always changing. So just like fashion you have to keep up with the times in order to stay current and keep things fresh. Don’t be caught with a Santa Pencil topper in June. Unless of course you keep your Christmas lights up all year round.


School supplies are a necessity no matter what grade you are in. Eventually school supplies will turn into office supplies. That is why you have to make a little fun out of it. Top of that number 2 pencil with something fun. Give a little flare to your supplies. You won’t regret it!

This article was written by Thomas Benjamin. Thomas is a blogger who knows first hand just how fun novelty school supplies can be. 

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