Tips To Keep Your Cocktail Party Alive

In the 1960’s, cocktail parties were the most famous and well-attended parties. However, as modernity encroached with the 24-hour economy, these parties underwent a slow but certain death. However, they have now come back in full force.

Rebirth of Cocktail Hour

The most favored of drinks have been wine and beer, but an expertly mixed glass of cocktail is gaining popularity nowadays. The party is ideal for a host who is extremely busy and can only spare about two hours for such an event. Unbelievably, that is the ideal period for this type of parties. This article provides information as to why the popularity of cocktail parties is experiencing a comeback.

Drink Choice

The variety of food and drink ensures that every person who comes will have eaten and drank something by the time they leave. At cocktail parties, people eat in small bites and one can always select the food they like best and ignore the rest. This guarantees enjoyment and avoids a full stomach, facilitating for the guests to mingle around well.

Some of favorite cocktails drinks are outlined below:

  • Dirty Martini: Do not be scared, it is not dirty as the name suggests. This has a salty taste as it contains a bit of olive juice.
  • Apple Martini: It gives the amazing sense of a fruity drink.
    Cosmopolitan: This drink is pink, and it emphasizes on the fun part, ideal for a cocktail.
  • Chocolate Martini: For guests who have a sweet tooth, this is the ideal drink.

The wide variety of possible drinks has certainly contributed to the resurgence of the cocktail party. This is amazingly so because the drinks can be served at any cocktail party venue. It does not matter how experienced you are in hosting these kinds of parties, a cocktail party is always easy to plan for. Here are some tips for you:

  • Have a big stock of ice. This will be needed when serving chilled wine and other drinks.
  • Every drink has its own rule as far as the drinking glass is concerned. Have a wide array of glasses to be used with the drinks. If a guest decides to drink several cocktails, ensure that every drink comes with its own accepted glass.
  • A key tip is that you should never leave out water glasses; you never know who might need it.
  • For a short party where only drinks will be served, always have a bottle of champagne to be used in serving every two people. Have a variety of the same, and include both red and white wine.
  • If the venue allows you to have a bar, always have whiskey, vodka, beer, and wine in store. A bar attendant can always be hired for the event.
  • Cocktail drinks are mixed so make sure the mixers are well in stock. Orange juice, ginger ale, tonic, soda, tomato juice and lemon juice should always be present.
  • If the guests are predominantly wine drinkers, open a few chilled bottles of wine and gently replace the cork to save time while serving the wine.
  • It is paramount to understand that some guests may have a little more than enough drinks to drive home. Make sure that your guests understand the importance of not to drink after drinking and you can even help them in arranging for taxi service as their transport back home.