The Best Way to Organize Jewelry

Organizing your Jewelry

Organizing your jewelry can seem like a boring task. Of course the idea of getting your jewelry organized is appealing because it allows you to take inventory of your jewelry and see what needs to go and what can stay.

Styles and trends change and our own personal style evolves over the years.

Getting Rid of Jewelry

You may have jewelry pieces you no longer wear. For these pieces, it’s best to ask a friend or family member if they would like to have the piece of jewelry.

Did your niece say she loved a bracelet you seldom wear the last time you saw her? If so, a lot of the jewelry can be given to people you know.

For jewelry that’s in good condition, but you no longer want, you can also donate the pieces to a Goodwill or Salvation Army in your area. Many of these charities have large jewelry sections at their thrift stores for costume jewelry.

Authentic gold and silver jewelry can be sold at a pawn shop or consignment shop, the latter of which will give you a cut of the sale after the piece has been sold. Clearing out all of the jewelry you no longer wear or want is the first step to cleaning up what you have and organizing your jewelry.

Cleaning Up Jewelry

Jewelry that you wish to keep, but is in need of a cleaning should be kept to the side. Authentic pieces can be taken to a local jeweler for a professional cleaning. You can also clean your own jewelry at home with jewelry cleaner specified for that metal and a jewelry cleaning cloth.

All costume jewelry can be cleaned at home, but the method of cleaning depends on the materials used for the jewelry. Plastic jewelry can be dusted then cleaned with a damp rag or all-purpose cleaning to kill germs. Metal jewelry that is not real will tarnish if cleaned with water. For these items, you want to take a microfiber towel or rag and wipe the jewelry piece clean.

Organizing Jewelry

There are several methods for organizing your jewelry. The most functional are earring holders and hanging jewelry organizers. Both systems do not take up much space. Whether you live in a house or apartment, you know that space is valuable. These systems allow you to get jewelry organized without taking up space.

Earring holder

This is a basic earring holder that stands erect on any flat surface. Space-wise, it’s the equivalent of having a picture frame on your vanity or bathroom counter. It makes it easy to store lots of earrings, no matter what their style. You will never again have to worry about earrings becoming tangled or lost when they’re organized on an earring holder.

Hanging jewelry holder

If you want to free up all surface space, the hanging jewelry holder is ideal for you. This style of holder is hung on the wall, utilizing space for storing earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The jumbled mess of bracelets and tangled necklaces can be solved with a hanging jewelry holder.

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