Taking Care of Your Cosmetic Brushes

If you only focus on looking after your lipstick, gloss, bronzer and foundation it might be that you fail to recognize the importance of taking good care of your cosmetic brushes.

What most women don’t realize is that cosmetic brushes are easily damaged when they are not placed in proper storage like brush pouches.

Aside from that, they also could harbor bacteria and microorganisms because some of the remnants of the cosmetics stays on the brush and gets mixed with other substances the next time you use it. This is most likely to happen when only a single brush is used for all cosmetic products and also for brushes that are used with emollient products such as lip gloss or lip stick.

This is where cosmetic brush bags come in.

To save your precious brushes from dust and damage, follow the simple guidelines below and maintain a cleaner and better cosmetic brush.

Remove excess makeup after use

You may rush going to the office or an appointment but it wouldn’t hurt if you spare a few seconds to shake your brush or wipe off any excess makeup after using them. Doing so can prevent the bristles from becoming brittle and you also avoid mixing makeup colors or shades once you use the brush again for applying another makeup hue, like in the case of foundation, eyeshadow and blush on.

Clean brushes with cleanser or brush shampoo

There are a variety of brush cleansers in the market and you can use almost all of those with your cosmetic brush. You just need to make sure to read the procedure and guidelines carefully on every product because each has different guidelines –some use water, some don’t – and it also varies according to the type of brush you are using. It is better to be sure than to sacrifice your favorite brush just because you forgot to read the label.

Brush shampoo is more commonly used and easier to apply. You just wet your brush and mix with shampoo, then rinse. Whether you use cleanser or shampoo, all that matters is that you give your brush a thorough cleaning so that they’ll be primed and ready again for use.

Dry your brushes completely

Of course, after cleaning your brushes, you need to dry them for at least eight hours or so to let them dry completely. Never try to blow dry or leave your brushes in direct sunlight or they will get damaged permanently meaning that you have to buy a new set of brushes. Also, do not dry your brushes standing up as any excess water can drip onto the handle, which can later damage it.

Store your brushes properly

As your cosmetics are stored in a cosmetic bag, cosmetic brushes also gets to be placed in neat cosmetic pouches. Doing this prevents the brushes from accumulating dust and keeps them away from moisture. Plus, it is much more convenient to access all of your brushes –whether in big or small sizes- in one portable storage bag.

Put brushes in flat or upright position

When storing your brushes in cosmetic brush bags, always keep in mind to lay them flat or upright in individual compartments, thus preventing them from getting deformed and bent out of shape.

Just like any of your precious makeup tools, cosmetic brushes are very important and vital to the application of good makeup. Hopefully, these guidelines will help you maintain a cleaner and more reliable cosmetic brush that you can use anytime and last much longer as well.