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Start Writing the Book that is in You

Every one of us has a unique combination of knowledge because of our unique experiences. We owe it to humanity to pass on this knowledge before we die, otherwise our life experiences and knowledge die with us.

Traditional Book Publishing

In the past parents did their best to pass on their knowledge to their children by word of mouth. Only the rich, the extremely talented or the lucky managed to get their words into print. Books are expensive to produce and publishers will only take on a book if they are certain that it will sell enough to turn a profit. Books had to be commercial.

Modern eBook Publishing

Nowadays anyone can publish an ebook without spending a penny. Literally.

Anyone, educated writer or not can publish an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle platform for free. There are no charges for covers, no charges for editing, no charges period.

Once published your ebook will sit on the Kindle marketplace for ever. Your knowledge or story is there for unborn generations to read. You have done your duty to humanity and passed on the knowledge you have gained over your lifetime.

Is it That Easy?Kindle ebook reader

Yes, it is. People have learned to be suspicious of anything that is free, but there are no catches here. You can have your life story, romantic novel or scientific theory published today without even having a bank account, let alone any money in one.

How Does it Work?

  • You write your story, autobiography or gardening diary using a word processing program on a computer
  • You open an Amazon Kindle Publisher account (free)
  • You upload your text
  • You choose a free cover
  • You choose a price

Will You Make Money?

This is the tricky part. You have a book, you have passed on your knowledge, but nobody knows it’s there. You have to tell people, to publicise your ebook. If you want to make money from your ebook you have a lot more work to do.

The reason traditional publishing is so expensive is because marketing a book costs a fortune.

When you publish an ebook you are responsible for your own marketing. You can market it for free to friends, family and contacts on Facebook and other social media networks. You can addd a link to your ebook in every email that you send.

Success Stories

Robert VanNorden

Rob, a retired plumber in New England has a whole series of ebooks about various aspects of plumbing and heating system repairs. Rob VanNorden started writing at in 2010; today he is a full-time writer of ebooks for Amazon’s Kindle. He still writes at and has had offers of consulting work in the plumbing field as a result of his writing.

Tina Modugno

A graphic designer from Canada, Tina has a children’s ebook on Blurb, another ebook publisher. Her book The Spider is about a friendly spider who has to survive the cold winter and has amazing illustrations.

Phil Turner

Phil, a retired teacher started writing online articles at in 2010 now makes a full time income writing articles and has just written his first ebook. Phil’s book, Exam Grade Booster is about his own ideas on how we remember things and how that can be applied to get better grades in exams. Tina Modugno did the graphic work on this book.

Vaughn Smith

Vaughn is another Canadian who started writing in 2010 on InfoBarrel. He is a project manager by profession and released a book on Amazon Kindle recently about how to use free project management software.

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  1. Phil you’re too kind.
    This post is great inspiration for new writers. You’re always a teacher at heart. It takes a bit of time but with a little hard work I’m proof you can make it in this business.
    Thanks again for the kind words and the site looks great.
    Rob VanNorden

  2. Pretty amazing how the publishing industry is changing!

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