So Many Ways to Wear a Camisole

How to Wear a Camisole

From its origins as a corset cover to the star of the show, the camisole has won many roles in the world of fashion. Depending upon how it is worn, the “cami” can be discreet, ensuring the modesty of the wearer, or it can boldly take center stage. fuchsia, brown and black cami tops

In its humblest form, a camisole can serve as underwear, adding warmth on a cold day to a light top. In its starring role, it can be paired with a long skirt to create formal attire. The addition of a built-in bra eliminates unsightly straps for a well assembled appearance.

As Casual Wear

A plain knit cami is perfect for casual wear with shorts or jeans for a cool summery look. Under a stylish shear blouse, it ensures modesty without detracting from the fluttering elegance of the upper layer. Under a top with a plunging neckline it covers cleavage. Worn under a jacket, it can provide the layered appearance of a three piece ensemble without the additional warmth created by a full blouse.

As Stylish Wear

Camisoles have blossomed from their humble beginnings to classic accessories with the simple addition of decorative upper edges. A simple lace edge, an embroidered facing, or beads and bangles can elevate the camisole to a beautiful focal point to add a finishing touch to the attire. Sequined flowers and metallic stripes can transform the plainest look into a fancier appearance.

Fine satin fabric and elegant spangles can transform the plain camisole into a sparkling party top that is quite capable of standing on its own in any dressy setting. It can be worn as a demure spring top at an April garden party or a jazzy, sparkling outfit perfect for a first dance. No matter what genre the soiree, the correct camisole will be appropriate.

As Sleepwear

At the end of the day, when the party is over, the cami steps into its final role as the perfect sleepwear. With no sleeves to bind up, soft cotton tops keep the sleeper comfortable and enjoying sweet dreams all night long.

As Any-Time Wear

Plain or dressy, these simple tops help expand a wardrobe for comfort and economy. Easy to care for, they are convenient and long lasting. Built in shelf bras add an alternative to a standard bra which many young women find comfortable and convenient. Whether she feels athletic or ladylike or both, these tops will help her build up her wardrobe so that she can fit into any crowd at a remarkably affordable price.