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Responsible Drinking for Holiday Parties

The holidays are fun and everything associated with them is fun—decorating, singing, gift-giving and drinking amongst other merriment. This holiday season have a plan of action for drinking to avoid getting wasted at company events and committing career suicide. Plan to avoid unpleasant hangovers no matter the event. party with champagne toasts

Plan of Action

Always have a plan of action before drinking. Different people can handle different amounts of alcohol, some can tolerate certain alcoholic drinks while others can’t and there are other factors to consider before drinking, such as the duration of the event attended.

Decide ahead of time what will be consumed, how often and a backup plan of a designated driver in case of unintentional intoxication.

The designated driver should not be a person with whom the event is being attended. As a person drinks, their ability for reason goes out the window. This is why having a plan ahead of time is best.

Time Drinks

Drinking too quickly throughout the night encourages extra alcohol per hour to be ingested. It sounds fairly simple, but those who pound through drinks will find themselves inebriated halfway into the night—well before the night is over. Pace drinking by deciding ahead of time how many drinks to have and the duration of the event attended.

If a person has a two-drink maximum, but intends on spending six hours at an event, it’s advisable to have a drink upon arriving at the event and another three hours later. This allows for adequate time for the body to digest the alcohol.

Mixed Drinks

Mixed drinks sound like they will get a person drunker than, say, beer; however, choosing mixed drinks with an alcohol of lower content will both keep a person hydrated and prevent them from getting smashed. Also, every few drinks change it up to regular soda or plain water to encourage hydration and to give the body a break from alcohol.

Choosing clear mixed drinks and alternating with clear nonalcoholic drinks will leave no one the wiser on how much alcohol is actually being consumed. This saves face with drunk friends and coworkers that pressure social drinkers to go one for one.


While it is a myth that food binds alcohol and prevents its absorption, it does provide distraction for the mouth and stomach so that less alcohol is being consumed and, overall, absorbed. Alternate between eating and drinking to allow the body to rest and for alcohol to wear off.

Self Test

Not being able to taste alcohol is a surefire sign that too much alcohol has been ingested, but before ever getting to this point, one should perform a test to gauge whether additional alcohol should be consumed.

For instance, by squeezing the hand into a fist, one can tell if a slight amount of feeling is gone. This gauges whether an individual should have another drink or to call it quits. If this self test is not performed early on, its effects will be useless.

It might sound like planning takes the fun out of drinking, but it doesn’t.

Drinking responsibly allows for fun without overdoing it.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Drink responsibly or don’t drink at all. 

Lillian Sanders is a freelance writer from Florida. Aside from writing, Lillian works closely with Treatment Centers helping people struggling with addiction.

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