Professional House-Sitting as a Long-Term Vocation

House sitting as a profession is a serious consideration for both the young and the old in 2012. Aside from being able to travel the world, receiving free accommodation and getting paid while you’re about it, house sitters are also able to look at long-term contracts of employment. Here is a side-by-side comparison of short-term and long-term contracts.

model houise held in handThe benefits of short-term house-sitting positions:

You don’t need to pack your whole life into a bag: Similar to a holiday, a short-term house-sitting job doesn’t require too much planning and one can generally get by with their essentials and use of the house-owners utilities.

On call house-owners: With short-term house-sitting contracts, the house-owner will usually leave you a list of responsibilities and house-hold instructions. Easy to get to grips with, your duties should not be too elaborate and should anything go wrong, the house-owner will most likely be quite easy to get hold of. If on the odd chance you aren’t able to get in contact with the house-owner, the problem you’ve discovered will not be yours to deal with much longer.

Pay check: In most circumstances, house-owners will stock their grocery cupboard and fridge before your arrival. Their food provision and short-term absence will mean that your pay check will be completely at your disposal. You won’t need to think about food or house-hold toiletries and will be able to spend your money on outings and other planned purchases.

The benefits of long-term professional house-sitting positions:

You have guaranteed work for an extended period: still gaining the benefits of free accommodation while travelling, you’ll have a more permanent position and a steady income for the contract of your employment.

You can get involved in the community: short-term house-sitting usually dictates your social activities. If you’re looking after a home for a longer period, you will really be able to get the feel for the area in which you’re staying and maybe even make a few friends along the way.

You can pursue other ventures: without the nagging feeling of needing to look to the future, a long-term house-sitting job can allow you to explore other interests. Whether you’re a writer or sport enthusiast, your time is mostly your own. Once you’ve completed your house-hold duties you will be able to manage your time accordingly.

Something to consider if you’re looking for something more permanent, a long-term house-sitting job can give you the permanence of settlement and allow you to really explore the nooks and crannies of your new neighbourhood. In the same job bracket as caring and au pair opportunities, a house and pet sitting position will also allow you more free time to do as you please, while in the privacy of your ‘own’ space.

Bella Gray is an avid traveller and, as a result, has joined the ranks of house sitters London as a profession. Looking to become part of a group of house sitters in Sidney, Gray still enjoys writing about her experiences looking after people’s houses and the lessons she has learned on the job.


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    1. When I received this guest post I started looking into house sitting in Ireland and UK and am very interested in it as a low-cost holiday. I am amazed at the stories I read about people who house-sit 12 months of the year!

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