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Popular Misconceptions About an English Holiday

If you’re planning to pay a visit to England in the coming months, you may already have an idea of what the country is like. The chances are your preconceptions will have a small element of truth tucked away in there somewhere, but on the whole they will be remarkably inaccurate. Here are a few popular myths about it.The Tower of London

The English are too reserved

There is a widely-held belief that the English are shy and never likely to let their real feelings show, but in most cases this is simply a case of holding back until they are confident about letting their guards down. If you go to a bar in England, the chances are you will soon find a friend, although it might take a little while.

English cuisine is nothing special

Throughout the world, it’s easy to find someone who will denigrate English cooking, but in recent years this has become a predictable and inaccurate opinion. In towns and cities throughout the country you’ll find some truly sensational restaurants overseen by highly-acclaimed chefs, not to mention some spectacular rural eateries that are just crying out to be discovered.

It’s difficult to drive on the left

Visitors from North America and continental Europe will often be a little reluctant to hire a car in England, because they feel driving on the left will be too problematic to deal with. But although it might take a little time to get used to it, once you’re in the swing of things it becomes perfectly natural. During the first assimilation period, it makes sense to avoid the big cities during peak hours, but after that you should have no problem at all.

The weather is lousy

It has to be said that the weather in England can rarely be relied upon, but the truth is that the summers are generally pleasant. Rain can come along at any moment, of course, so it’s best to be like the locals and to be ready for such eventualities.

In general, the climate is what you might expect from an island in north-western Europe, and they say if you don’t like the weather you shouldn’t worry because there will be some more along in a few minutes.

Crime is a major issue

Perhaps because of the antics of soccer hooligans in previous decades, many Americans wrongly believe the UK has a major crime issue. This really couldn’t be further from the truth, because levels of wrong-doing are far lower than in the USA and many other countries. Cities such as London remain safe as long as visitors are sensible and avoid certain areas at night.

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  1. given we have very strict gun laws here, it’s suprising anyone thinks the UK is a crime hotspot. Rumour is a wonderful thing!

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