Mixing Wedding Jewelry with Wardrobe and Fashion Pieces

Combing your Wedding Jewelry with your Wardrobe

Most women are sentimental about their wedding jewelry. It is after all a testimony of the most important day of their lives. After the wedding the jewelry gets stowed away in the lockers, perhaps to be brought out years later to admire or to hand down to their daughters on their special day. Few women actually put that beautiful jewelry to use ever again.

The truth is; there is really no point in locking up your wedding jewelry for later years. Like everything else, even the world of jewelry is not immune to change. Jewelry trends change.

What was fashionable and trendy at your wedding, might be classified as an antique charm on your daughter’s wedding. Your daughter might anyway want to have it remodeled to suit her current trends. What was the point of keeping it hidden all those years? Why not model that beautiful jewelry while it is in fashion? It would only be justified to give the craftsman who has molded your jewelry his share of appreciation.

Occasions to wear your wedding jewelry

A couple of occasions during which your string of pearls or that elegant diamond necklace can be worn again are:

Another wedding

You are going to dress in your best at another wedding too. You probably will go to any length to pick an ideal outfit which is chic, sophisticated as well as ideal for your friend’s wedding. Before you decide to buy the perfect jewelry for your outfit, try on your wedding jewelry once again. It is surprising how the same jewelry can look totally different with a simple change of outfit. People who were blinded by the bride at your wedding will notice your wedding bling in a new light.

Your Wedding Anniversary

Wearing your wedding jewelry with an elite dress for your anniversary is the most nostalgic and beautiful way to relive your wedding vows. It is also a fantastic way to draw attention to the jewelry in a fashionable way.

Black tie events

When the need is to make a fashion statement, just have faith in yourself. You did go to great lengths to pick fashion jewelry which complemented your gown and was in sync with the current fashion for your wedding.

Wear the same wedding jewelry with your stunning evening gown for the charity event. Diamonds and pearls are an ideal fit for almost any kind of gown or cocktail dress. You can also use your wedding jewelry in parts.

Do away with the necklace if you feel your gown doesn’t demand one and flaunt your gorgeous earrings with a sexy panache. Let your shining pieces show their true worth as they charm the people with their sheer elegance, beauty, and subtle style.

The key to using your wedding jewelry beyond your wedding is to team it with the perfect dress. Even if you choose to wear your wedding jewelry for a high end party event make sure you have a dress that can carry it off. Wedding jewelry usually works great with dresses which are classy, simple and elegant.

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