Make Room for the Car: 5 Easy Steps for an Organized Garage

If you are like many others across the nation, your garage has become a catchall for everything except the cars. You might be lucky enough to squeeze an car in one bay, but the excess is piling up. It’s time to get organized and reclaim your space. Follow these five easy steps and your garage will be yours once more.

Clean Garage1. Clean the House

It’s time to be ruthless. Have a clean up day. Toss anything out that qualifies as trash. Don’t be sentimental. If anyone in the family likes to hang on to things, make sure you do this overhaul when they aren’t round. If it’s broken, let it go. If it’s worn out, send it to the curb. If you have any freebies, put a sign on them at the side of the road. You’ll be surprised how quickly anyone will take something without a dollar sign attached.

2. Have a Garage Sale

This is your perfect opportunity to sell the leftovers that you don’t need. Once you’ve taken out the trash and put your keepsakes in storage, give the extras the heave-ho. Making a little cash is an added advantage. Anything that doesn’t go could be posted on craigslist or eBay.

3. Consider a Shed

Think about getting a small shed for all of your lawn equipment. Your mower, shovels, rakes, and hedge trimmers can be cleared out of the garage, providing you with valuable space.

4. Store Similar Items Together

If your garage has become the storage space for a hodge-podge of junk and random items, it’s time to get organized. Store any like items together. For example, store all the yard equipment in the same place, so you know exactly where to go when you are doing lawn care. If there isn’t enough room in the garage, you can always opt for a self storage facility, such as those offered by¬†Albuquerque NM self storage. Using a storage unit allows you to secure your overflow until you have another place for it.

5. Use Shelves and Ceiling Storage

Now that you’ve cleared the area, it’s time to organize your space. Bring in shelving if you need to get items off of the floor. Put up pegboard and hooks. Have a place for everything and put everything in its place. You’ll be amazed at how tidy your garage is. You’ll be able to find everything without a battle. Best of all, your car will finally fit in the space that was designed for it. You might even have room for more than one car! Now keep your garage clean!

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