Living In A Private Community

Exclusive Benefits

According to the people who live in private communities, there are many. For example, a private community that caters primarily to one particular age group (such as 55-plus) has the advantage of bringing similar people together. Often, children and young adults are excluded as full-time residents; therefore, older people who reside there can experience quiet solitude, along with enjoying families who occasionally visit. Additionally, the community organizers are able to focus exclusively on those activities that are of most interest to seniors.

No Through Traffic

Residents of private communities do not have to contend with through traffic. The only people who typically drive in a private community are those who live there or those visiting the residents. The traffic in a private community rarely varies, as opposed to an open community, which must contend with morning and evening rush hour traffic. The lack of through traffic in a private community adds a safety factor, particularly for children, who can play more easily out on the sidewalk or in the street.

Safety and Security

Private communities are considered safer because, in order to obtain access, one must either sign in through a guard, or gain access through a special gate. If a private community lacks a guard, it will probably have an intercom at the gate, by which a visitor announces himself or herself to a resident to obtain entry. Although not 100% fool proof, limiting who can potentially enter the community significantly deters undesirable individuals from attempting community access.

Property Value

Houses in private communities tend to retain higher property values, even in a recession economy. Because of Homeowner Association rules and other factors, homeowners tend to keep their homes better landscaped, as well as perform repairs on a timelier basis. Additionally, homes in a private community are perceived as being built with more long-lasting materials and designed better than their counterparts on public roads.

Raising a Family

There is no better place than a private community to raise a child. Family-friendly private communities have wonderful amenities for parents and children; many private communities have a pool, clubhouse, and other facilities where families can spend quality time together, as well as meet and have the opportunity to get to know other families. Many parents feel that a private community is a great place to raise a child because the streets and amenities exclude outsiders, thereby creating a safe environment for parents to raise their children.

Sense of Ownership

Residents of private communities often feel a stronger sense of ownership as compared to those who live in open communities. The perception of private community residents is that everyone is more tightly knit than in open communities, so neighbors watch out for each other more.

There are definite advantages to living in a private community. You can choose the type of community in which to live, based on whether the community is family-oriented, or geared specifically toward seniors. Additionally, private communities provide extra security, particularly regarding traffic and outsider access. Homes in private communities tend to be appraised higher than homes on public streets, and residents of private communities often feel a stronger sense of ownership and camaraderie.