Limousine-Themed Bachelorette Parties

Women, even those who have fantasized about their dream weddings since age 7, deserve to enjoy their remaining days of being unattached.

While going on an impromptu trip to Las Vegas for the weekend is extremely thrilling, it’s also very costly. And there may be chances that not all your bridesmaid would be sympathetic to your cause money-wise.

If you’re thinking of a more cost-effective way to celebrate your bachelorette party or if you’re a devoted bridesmaid trying to come up with surprise hen party ideas, try hiring a limousine.

Before you think that this is too risqué for you, you can actually come up with different themes with your limo bachelorette party. While the ones which are the most fun are those that involve copious amounts of champagne and a hot, semi-naked guy, you can actually shoot for more wholesome themes, too.

Shop like the stars do

Instead of bringing a gift for your gal-pal, why not shop for them during the party. That certainly makes it more interesting.

And if you’re going to pay for some overpriced negligee, why not enjoy the experience of making such a pocket-denting purchase with the bride?

Rent a limousine for the day, stock it up with champagne and hop from one boutique to another. You’ll all feel like celebrities shopping that way. And when you’re hopping from one store to another, hiring a limo would be cheaper compared to making numerous cab rides.

Lastly, since you’ll be buzzed, it’s not such a good idea for anyone in the entourage to drive. End the day with a mani-pedi to get the girls ready for the big day.

Club hop in style

This is the adult version of the first limo party idea. Instead of being ushered from one boutique to another, why not invade your city’s party scene and jump from one club to another instead?

Start off your journey with a nice dinner to make sure that you girls get something in your stomachs before you start partying the night away. Then make your way from one hotspot to another.

Bridesmaid Task! At any point of the night, you can sneak in a male dancer to surprise your gal pal. Try to do this when after the second or third club that way all of you have loosened up and it’s just laughs all the way.