How to Throw an Amazing Dinner Party

Making a feast for you and your family or friends can be hugely rewarding, as you chow down on your well-crafted three-course meal exchanging small talk for hours on end, going home feeling very happy. However, throwing an amazing dinner party involves more than just making delicious food. There are so many things to think about from dress codes and drinks to background music and invitations. Here are some top tips on how to throw the best dinner party ever:

Invite people you like

This might sound a little obvious, but you’ll want everyone at your dinner party to be good company. Inviting someone like a co-worker who doesn’t say a lot in the office might not be the best thing to do.

Ask close friends, family members or even your neighbours to come, as you’ll like them a lot more than anyone else.

Think about what food to serve

You’ll want to demonstrate your prowess as a cook. However, you should cook something that everyone will like, so ask everyone you’ve invited for the party about dietary requirements, allergies and about any foods they really hate before you start buying the ingredients from the supermarket and begin cooking everything.

Dress code

Most great dinner parties have a dress code. You could decide to make it a fancy dress party by asking everyone to come dressed as a celebrity or in a certain outfit at part of a wider theme, ask the guests to arrive in formal wear (suits, shirt and tie etc), smart casual clothes or simply casual.


This is optional, but a little background music can help to stimulate conversation. Classical and jazz are two genres which are perfect for this, although you could play whatever you like. However, you shouldn’t have it on too late, as it might make it hard for the guests to hear one another.

Staying with the theme of entertainment, you might consider having board games or playing something like charades if you’re stuck for things to do once you’ve finished eating.


As with the food, there should be something for everyone. As for the amount of drinks you should have, if you have beer, wine or spirits, there should be enough to make everyone open up.

However, it’s advisable that there shouldn’t be so much that, by the end of the dinner party, you’re all arguing with each other as a result of being too drunk, although the purpose of holding a dinner party is to have a good time.