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How To Throw A Children’s Birthday Bash On A Budget

Your child’s birthday is a big deal and you naturally want to throw a nice party to celebrate the occasion. These days, the pressure can be on to throw elaborate events chock full of fancy ‘’goody bags’’, gourmet food, expensive entertainment and a range of activities to keep the kids occupied.

If you can afford all of that, great, more power to you; but, if you are like most people, you cannot afford to throw a party like that, or maybe you can, and just do not want to get sucked into the ever-growing commercialization of children’s birthday parties.

If you are looking for ways to throw a party on a budget, here are some tips to do just that.

Trim the Guest List

This is one of the most obvious tips and hardly needs mentioning, but one that many people may struggle with because of established etiquette or a sense of obligation.

If you truly need to keep costs low when it comes to planning your child’s party, and you find yourself stressing over the guest list, chances are, there are room for some cuts. You may feel like you need to invite everyone in your child’s class and the entire soccer team or siblings of friends, but you really do not have to do anything.

Depending on how many people you ideally want, consider asking your child to invite hot dogs as simple party foodonly his five closest friends or inviting just the girls or just the boys in the class.

Keep the Food Simple

Remember, the party is for the kids, who tend to have much simpler tastes when it comes to food. It is not necessary to go all out with fancy food to make the kids happy.

Good old hot dogs and hamburgers always go over well; there are plenty of tasty vegan and vegetarian varieties as well so no worries about the non-carnivores in the crowd. Simple sandwiches are another good choice and you can spruce them up  a bit by busting out the cookie cutters.

Teens eating hamburgers as cheap party foodConsider making a sundae bar—some big tubs of ice cream and a few toppings is inexpensive and the kids will love it.

Considerations for the Goody Bag

The ‘’goody bag’’ can be a point of contention with many parents.

It is not something you need to do; but if forgoing these gift bags is not even on the table for discussion, there are ways to keep costs low. Instead of buying a bunch of cheap stuff to take up space, consider going with just one item that may be of actual use, such as a coloring book and set of crayons—the recipient’s parents will likely appreciate that their children are dragging home candy they may not want them to eat and useless, cheap toys that will just create clutter.

You might also consider some sort of activity that will allow children to make something for themselves and this can be what they take home—maybe jewelry or some sort of craft.

. . . . .

The whole point of a birthday party for your child is to have a good time and celebrate your special little guy or girl; it should be something that you stress over or go broke executing.

Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who enjoys sharing tips on how to save money in all aspects of life from planning birthday parties to how to pay down your credit cards. 

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