How to Stay Away from Anxiety and Stress During Pregnancy

The following tips will allow new moms to prepare and manage their pregnancy efficiently by helping to minimize stress and anxiety.

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  • Support system: It is highly advisable to develop a support system involving friends, family members, family physician and parent groups that enables you to share your experiences and offer support whenever needed. It helps a lot to meet people in the similar situation and those who have been through it to know their experiences.
  • HCG levels: Do not stress over beta hcg levels in early pregnancy. Twins are not the inevitable consequence/reason for high HCG levels. Check with your doctor
  • Healthy lifestyle: It is very important to keep watch on your diet during pregnancy. Avoid drugs and alcohol at all cost. Eat healthy food and don’t skip meals, it also feeds your baby. A healthy breakfast for pregnant women is particularly important.

  • Stress management: Pregnancy is one of the most blissful times of life as two lives are breathing in one body, but it is the most vulnerable phase too. Learn to manage your stress by keeping a journal to record what makes you feel stressed and your emotional responses to such situations. Try to deal it with by sharing your feeling with your partner, friends or health consultant. You can also use natural cures for anxiety like self hypnosis, breathing techniques, muscle relaxation exercise and meditation to bring natural anxiety relief on your own. Another natural cure for anxiety is to try various pukka teas.
  • Take time out for yourself: It is important to take care of yourself during this period. Take time out of your routine to visit child specialist, going out for a walk with your partner, being alone with a book or watching your favorite show. It your time to enjoy and indulge in what you like. But don’t watch or read disturbing or violent content as it has direct impact on your and baby’s mind. Opt for positive, feel good and light-hearted films and novels.
  • Listen but do not follow: It is common during this time that everyone will give you one or the other tip for handling pregnancy well. But it is impossible to consider each and every tip. Don’t feel obliged to use these tips, instead consider your need, and do what you feel instinctively to be right or ask your doctor for guidance.
  • Avoid changes: It is highly recommended to make yourself comfortable all the time. Don’t make any drastic life changes like moving house, or changing jobs during pregnancy or early motherhood.  Don’t do tasks that are challenging and need too much attention. You will have enough opportunities to face life challenges during rest of your life. Right now be in the complete comfort zone.

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  1. Greetings!
    Thanks for the tips! My husband and I are gonna have our first baby next month. I’m sure we both will follow the tips you gave us. Wish me luck! Thanks!

    1. I am glad you found the article helpful Burkita. Thinking of you.

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