How to Find the Perfect Fit For Your Body

How to Find the Perfect Fit For Your Body

When shopping around, it can be a real challenge to find clothes that truly fit how you’d like. Some clothes feel too tight and some feel too skinny, but every once and a while you find something that fits perfectly. Although it may seem like a stroke of luck, it is actually not. Finding the perfect fit is based on a number of factors including accessories, colors, and your body shape.

Below we are going to look at the four most common body shapes and give you a recipe to find the perfect fit you desire every time.

How to Find the Perfect Fit For Your Body

Identify Your Body Type

Before you can learn which styles will look best on your body, you must first determine which category you fall into. Consider the following:

  • A “straight figure” usually refers to someone who lacks distinct curves. These women tend to look slimmer and more athletic.
  • A woman who is “apple shaped” resembles an upside-down triangle. The shoulders and bust are usually larger than the bottom half.
  • A woman who is “pear shaped” is the opposite of an apple. Her lower half – particularly around the hips, legs and thighs – tend to be bulkier than the upper half.
  • An “hourglass” woman has a defined waist. Her upper half and lower half are usually fairly proportional.

1. Straight Figure

Having a straight body is the envy of many women because the ram-rod straight figure is generally more slender. But there are still a few challenges that straight bodied women must face when looking for clothes.

The major problem for straight bodied women is finding clothes that give them a curvy appearance. Every woman, no matter what body shape, wants some curves. When shopping, look for:

  • Flared jeans
  • Tops with multiple layers, ruching, ruffles, gathers or other dimensional details
  • Dresses that nip at the waist and have a full skirt

Also, look for ways to combine contrasting pieces. For example, a form-fitting pencil skirt could be paired with a belted jacket. The flare at the waste will create a shapely visual. A bulky sweater or oversized shirt could be paired with skinny jeans. Look for ways to break up the vertical lines of your body.

2. Apple Body

Apple body is the perfect body type to show off your legs. The secret to this shape is to wear clothes that bring attention towards your lower half. When shopping, look for:

  • Wide-leg trousers
  • Solid colored A-line dresses
  • Tops that have a v-neck or scoop neck
  • Slimming tunics

Dark and solid colors tend to make the body look slimmer. Put these slimming styles on top to balance out skinny legs. Also, a monochrome outfit can make a person look longer and leaner.

3. Pear Shape

For a woman with a pear shape you must find clothes that bring attention upwards. Purchase tops that fit very well and contrast colors. This means you should wear darker colored pants and brighter colored tops. The contrast in colors will shift everyone’s attention away from your legs and towards your slim upper body. When shopping, look for:

  • Tops that are three-quarter length sleeves (preferably a wrap or other style that nips at the waist)
  • Wrap dresses in simple prints or solids
  • Brightly colored tops
  • Boot cut jeans
  • Skirts that hit just below the knee

4. Hourglass Shape

Women with an hour glass shape are in luck, as it is much easier to pull off a number of styles. Since you have a great waist and defined curves, you are going to want to highlight that.

To do this find clothes that fit very well on your waist and hips. By emphasizing this area, you will be accentuating the best features of your hourglass figure. When shopping, look for:

  • Wrap (or faux wrap) tops
  • Jackets that nip at the waist
  • Strapless or halter dresses with a defined waist

By identifying your body type you are one step closer to the perfect fit. The four categories listed above are just the most common body types. You may not exactly match up to one category. It is okay if you are a combination of several categories. The important thing is to be consciously aware of your body type. When you are consciously aware, you will find it much easier to spot those perfectly fitting clothes.

Always be sure to accentuate your best features and hide your most unbecoming features. That is the secret to the perfect fit. You don’t always have to purchase the newest and most trendy clothes if they don’t look amazing on you. Purchase the clothes that make you look and feel great and never be disappointed.


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Guest author Beatrice Hartley is a freelance writer. She specializes in topics that appeal to woman, especially beauty, fashion and health. Recently, Beatrice has been contributing a lot of articles to a blog specializing in how to exercise for celluliate reduction. She is determined to trade her pear for an hourglass!

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