Get Rid of Clothes Moths With These Homemade Remedies

Clothes moths are the worst enemies of anybody who owns expensive clothes. These insects lay their eggs on the fabric, and when the larvae hatch, they eat through the fabric, poke holes through the clothes, and ruin them.

Getting rid of clothes moths is quite easy, and a good store-bought insecticide is usually enough to totally get rid of both adult and larvae clothes moth. However, this method is not the best since this leaves insecticide residues on the clothes.

Mothball Usecothes moth

You can make use of mothballs to get rid of moths, of course. Mothballs produce vapors toxic to insects, killing them easily especially if they are constantly exposed to it. However, this will only work in an airtight container, so placing them inside your cabinet will only repel the adult moths but not stop the larvae from feeding on the fabrics.

Furthermore, mothballs also have this very strong odor that’s hard to get rid of even if you’ve already given your clothes a very thorough washing.

Clothes Moth Prevention

The first thing that you need to do to get rid of moths is to remove all the clothes from your closets and drawers and expose them under strong light, preferably under the sun. You will be surprised to see that the larvae will simply fall off the clothes once exposed to strong light.

Once you’ve removed all larvae, you can then give your clothes a good washing. It’s best to wash them in hot water though as this will kill off the remaining larvae hiding between the fabric folds. Just see to it that the clothes are thoroughly dry before you store them back inside the cabinet.

Now, for fabrics that shouldn’t be washed, you can place them in plastic bags, seal it tightly, and place them inside your freezer. You can keep them inside your freezer for about a day, and it’ll kill both adult and larvae clothes moth.

Homemade Moth Repellents

If you don’t want the nasty smell that chemicals and mothballs usually leave on your clothes, then you can make use of homemade moth repellents made from nice-smelling plants.

Here are some homemade remedies that also work very well in repelling moths.

  • You can make a lavender sachet by filling up an old stocking with dried lavender. You can place the sachets inside your cabinets as well as drawers. If you don’t have dried lavender at home, then you can purchase a small bottle of lavender oil and some cotton balls. All you have to do is to dip the cotton balls in the lavender oil and place them in moth-infested places. The strong lavender scent is sure to drive them away.
  • Mint has always been used as an insect repellant. As such, it also works wonderfully well to repel moths. What you can do is to take some dried mint leaves, place them in sachets, and store them in areas where you keep your clothes.

Both these homemade moth repellent sachets can keep these pestiferous insects off your clothes. Plus, they also smell better than mothballs and chemicals. It is important though that you regularly check your homemade sachets. Once they’ve lost their scents, you need to replace them to prevent moths from coming back.

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