Five Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Dishwasher’s Performance

Tips to ensure your appliance goes the distance

The modern dishwasher is a Godsend for any busy family. When time is in short supply, they’re the perfect way to prevent all those horrible dishes from building up in the kitchen. However, like any household item it’s important that you take care of them to ensure they’re always operating at their best. If they don’t, you might find yourself going back to old fashioned elbow grease!

Keep the drain clear. Everyone’s made the mistake of leaving their sink drain blocked whilst trying to wash up and seen the unpleasant filling up of dirty water that arises as a result. A dishwasher will work to exactly the same principle if it’s allowed to. If you notice your unit is slow to drain, then check to see whether the water’s access is being blocked by dirt (or even by dishes). Doing this before every wash will help prevent any build up.

Don’t overdo the detergent

Whilst a cleaning product is obviously an essential part of a dishwasher’s operation, many people actually overdo it. This can result in a soapy residue being left on dishes, cutlery and (most visibly) on your glassware. Most units will actually operate fine as long as the detergent is filled up to the first line, but a couple of experimental washes will help you find the right level for your own washer.

Keep the water hot

With some units, it can take a while for the hot water to actually reach the washer, leading to not enough of it being used during the cycle. A good way to measure this is to see how long it takes hot water to reach your kitchen sink, because the timings will be very similar. If it takes a bit too long, then run the sink for a couple of minutes before turning on the unit so that there is hot water ready to go when the cycle begins.

Clean the cleaner!

Needless to say, cleaning the internals of the washer is a must. This prevents the unit from building up grease and dirt of its own which can slow down the mechanics and prevent the dishes from even being cleaned. Once every couple of months, simply run a cycle without detergent and ensure there are no dishes in the shelving. Run the washer until water has begun to form at the base, and then add two cups of vinegar to the water before letting the cycle finish. This will keep all the internals sparkling clean.