Five Activities You Can Turn Into Exercise

Too many people are sedentary these days. They spend all of their time sitting in front of computers, in front of televisions, around the dinner table, and at their desks. As a direct result, they do not get the exercise they need to stay in good shape, and they wind up becoming fat, lethargic, and unable to improve their health.

But there is no reason for them to be out of shape, really. So many of the activities we do every day can become little instances of exercise, if only we take advantage of them. For five ideas on how you can build exercise into your daily routine, read on.

One: Always Be Walking

Don’t avoid physical activity by using things like elevators and moving sidewalks, or parking at the very front of the parking lot. Not only do these things take up time, but they greatly decrease the amount of movement that you do each day.

Over time, the calories you save by parking close or taking the escalator get saved up around your stomach and hips, where they become unflattering pads of fat.

Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, take the stairs, park as far from the store as possible, and walk up the out-of-service escalator. You’ll be surprised how many calories these simple changes can burn.

Two: Fire the Handyman

Ask yourself if you really need to pay someone to mow your lawn, rake your leaves, clean your pool, vacuum your carpet, or do any of these other activities around your house.

Some people truly don’t have the time, but many of us hire these professionals out of laziness, plain and simple. If that is your reason, save yourself some money and start doing the chores yourself.

An hour mowing the lawn can burn off a bunch of calories, and get you a nice, deep tan in the bargain. Enough changes like this, and you’ll be thin and fit in no time.

Three: Exercise Dates

Instead of scheduling a meeting over lunch, ask your business partner or significant other to join you for a game of tennis or a jog through the park.

Having someone to talk to can take your mind off the stress of exercising, and it can turn your daily workout into a productive time, as well. If you multitask in this way, not only will you be getting in shape, but you will never again have to complain about being short on time.

Four: Get a Dog

Dogs need no encouragement to be active. They love to run, chase the tennis ball, play tug of war, and do anything else to burn off their abundant energy. And having a dog is great motivation for sedentary people to become active, instead.

Running or playing with your dog for thirty minutes a day will keep him or her in good health, and provide you a quick shot of cardio exercise as well. And dogs have been shown to greatly reduce stress, which is a major contributor to weight gain.

Five: Run and Watch

When your favorite TV show or movie comes on, don’t sit down on the couch. Instead, get on a treadmill, elliptical machine, or stationary bike and start burning some calories.

To make this even easier, put your television somewhere out of the way, and set up your exercise machine in front of it on a permanent basis. Don’t even put a couch anywhere near the TV. This will force you to work out while watching, and remind you that whenever the TV is on, you ought to be working up a sweat.