Do you have some feedback for us? Perhaps you’d like to request a topic for a future article? Or maybe you’d like to write for us. We’d love to hear from you! Contact us using the form below and we’ll get back to you quickly.



  1. Hey,
    I figured I would do my honest critique via your contact form so you can give it a good test (if that hasn’t been done already). I love the color scheme and layout. Obviously it has a long way to go with content. Do you have more writers lined up? (I know there seemed to be a great response in the IB forum, but that doesn’t always mean that there is a great response when it comes to getting the work done). Either way I will get an article to you next week for the site to start getting more content up. If you have any specific topics you want covered it would probably be easier for me to whip out some great content in those areas…

    The only criticism I actually have is a typo at the bottom of the page. It says, “E very word and image on thi site is subject to copyright”.

    Other than that it is really looking great Phil! Honestly!


    1. I finally had a minute to log in. How do I add a picture> I am used to Blogger.

  2. Hello!
    I am a young, fairly new writer, and I was wondering about the specifics of submitting articles to your website. Do I just email them to you? Is there compensation? Are there any specific topics that need to be written about at the moment?
    Thank you in advance!

    1. Replied by email. Thanks Jordan

  3. Hi, i have been writing articles for more than 7 months now and i believe i have gotten a strong hold at it, i wrote 30×2000 words article for a men’s magazine so i think i share high quality and informative stuff on your website too. I can send you a sample article or write something for you website for you to review. I would like to know compensation details as well. Thanks

    1. Hi Tuba
      Please send me anything that you think would be apprpriate for a women’s interests website. I would be pleased to review any of your articles for publication.
      The articles remain yours and will be removed at your request. You can place links in the body of your articles and regular contributors get a home page link. You can use your own affiliate link in any images used in your articles.

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