Atlantis – The Lost City

AtlantisNo other city throughout the history of time has eluded people like Atlantis has. This place of extreme wealth and technology, which apparently slipped into the sea as a result of some disaster, was first mentioned by the Greek Philosopher Plato in his dialogues ‘Timaeus’ and ‘Critias’. These dialogues are believed to have been written as far back as 360 B.C and are the first references in history to the city of Atlantis.


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Many explorers throughout history have since tried to find this hidden city that was said to have been engulfed by the sea. With the help of Plato’s dialogues and other historical material said to allude to the civilization, they all tried to pinpoint the exact location of this lost city.

Lost city of Atlantis

The earliest theories placed Atlantis somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea, mainly because of the lack of geographical knowledge of the time. The story of Atlantis is thought to have first originated from Egypt, prior to Plato’s Athenian dialogues and this is also a large reason as to why certain explorers searched throughout the Mediterranean Sea to find the location. Common places that people assumed it would be found were Crete, Cyprus, Turkey, off the cost of Sicily and as far afield as Spain.

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The city of Atlantis has been depicted several times in popular culture in Television shows, music text, feature films and literature. It has been a subject and historical matter that has captured the imagination of people from all over the world and many are still convinced that the lost city will one day be found.

The Legend of Atlantis

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Back in the early years of the 20th century the Minoan Civilization was found at Knossos on the Greek island of Crete and many theories started appearing by renowned historians that there could be a connection between this previously unknown civilization and the lost city of Atlantis.

The whole civilization was lost several thousands of years ago by what is believed to have been a major volcanic eruption that covered the whole island. It all happened around the time that the Atlantis myth is believed to have started and several of the historical facts and finds made on the island are very similar and some being almost identical, to the ones describing the lost city of Atlantis.

Lost Atlantis

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Despite this, many historians haven’t been convinced. It has even been claimed that during the Nazi reign in Central Europe their forces were sent out to find the (supposedly landed) location of this lost city. Even though this is no validation to the claims that the city is still to be found, or if it even exists, it still serves as a reminder to not take anything for granted.

The most common place where the city is thought to be located is at the tip of Gibraltar, at the most southern point of Spain. Other stories have put the city in the Black Sea, in the Atlantic Ocean and all the way to Antarctica. No matter what they historians speculate there will be no definite answer until the city is actually found, if it is ever found.

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