Asymmetrical Dresses and Skirts in 2013

Asymmetrical Dresses and Skirts

The asymmetrical hem that appeared on dresses and skirts in the Summer 2012 season created a sensation on the catwalks as well as the high street. The high-low hem or mullet trend is a sassy look that adds a fresh twist to a typical summer dress or skirt.

Because of the way this style features and flatters your legs while still offering some coverage, skirts and dresses with a tail hem will be popular with those who love mini’s as well as maxi’s. There are also numerous other details that can be added to a basic asymmetrical hem skirt or dress: these include layering, pleats and floral patterns.

Depending on the style and length, the dipped bottoms can be divided into the three main categories:

  • Geometrical cut – straight cut lines of the hem create a radical graduation of the skirt. The geometrical cut style is highlighted by the distinctive contrast of lengths with ultra mini or midi length on the front and a long tail-like cut on the back. The style is perfect for fashion lovers who like to expose more flesh during the hot summer days as well as add an edge to their outfit. The sharp cut hems are perfect for numerous occasions from shopping trips to informal evening events.
  • Gradual Hem – this style of asymmetrical hemline is defined by its slick graduation and rounded lines. The gradual hem forms a rounded tail that allows for edgy elegance. Skirts and dresses with gradual hems are often constructed with a transparent overlay and shorter underskirt as seen on the picture above. Thanks to the versatility, this style can be worn on a daily basis as well as for evening parties and more formal events.
  • Moderate hem – for a less drastic cut, the moderate hem is a solution that combines a classic design with the mullet style high-low hem. The asymmetry is mild and subdued with a rounded hemline and balanced lengths. The moderate line on the front usually goes to a mini or midi length with a slight difference on the back length. The style is as multi-purpodress with a moderate hem for 2013 se as the others. The slightly imbalanced hem can be enhanced by a stylish tulip wrap or layering other lightweight fabrics.

Excellent for warm-weather, dresses and skirts with an asymmetrical hemline found in Korean fashion stores online will dress up your summer wardrobe. Thanks to their versatility, you can wear them every day or to special occasions like weddings, beach parties or romantic dates.