make-up brushes

Are All Makeup Brushes the Same?

make-up brushes

Once upon a time, I thought the only makeup brushes you needed to have in your makeup bag were the tiny ones that came with blush compacts. They were small and difficult to use, but I never really thought twice about it.

Then mineral makeup became more popular, and you needed a bigger fuller brush to swirl around in the mineral powder and buff onto your skin. I was amazed at how well the brush worked and thought to myself, “Hmmmm…maybe I’ve been missing something!”

There are a variety of makeup brushes on the market because they each have different uses. For applying powder, mineral makeup, bronzer, or blush to your skin, you’re going to need a fuller and rounder brush than you would to apply your favorite eye shadow.

For applying eye shadow or applying powder liner, you are going to need a smaller, flatter brush that fits well in your eye creases. These angled shadow brushes are great for blending eye shadow colors with precision.

The fullness of a brush and the density of its bristles are really what determines how much makeup is picked up with each swipe. You don’t want loose eye shadow falling on your cheeks, just as you wouldn’t want bold streaks of blush on your cheekbones. Using the appropriate brush will help you apply just the right amount of makeup and blend it however you’d like.

Even if you think you’ve found the perfect small angled brush or round fluffy kabuki brush, you’ll need to pay attention to the brush’s quality. You’ll notice that there is quite a big price range depending on the brush manufacturer.

You shouldn’t notice any loose bristles falling out on your hand if you swirl it around on your skin. Loose bristles are the sign of a cheap brush. You’ll also want to pay attention to the softness of the bristles, because synthetic plastic bristles might not work as well as animal hair bristles.


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