A Mum’s Guide to a Stress Free Campervan Holiday With the Kids

If you’re a mum who is planning to hit the roads this summer, it is very important to make sure that you know what you are getting in to. Whether you have one child or several, keeping everyone happy and peaceful as you wander through the countryside. Check out these tips that can help you make your campervan trip a lot more enjoyable.

Everyone Has Their Own Luggage

Give each child their own piece of luggage and let them pack themselves. If your child is very young, a great deal of assistance can be provided, of course, but the key is to give them the independence to pack on there own. This way, they know where all of their things are, and they will also be able to get their own things during the trip if they wish to do so. Your children will not need to crawl through their sibling’s things to get at their own things, which can reduce the amount of fighting.

Modern Volkswagen camper van

Young children have a great deal of energy, and you will find that a camper van full of children can be rough. Whenever you see a rest stop or a park, pull over and let your children run around. Children who have a lot of nervous energy can be cranky or irritable, and you’ll find that if you allow them to burn off some of the excess energy, they will be much sweeter.

Keep Snacks On Hand

Hunger can make your children very tired and cranky, and you’ll discover that keeping their blood sugar level can weed out a lot of problems. Keep a number of healthy snacks on your person and pass them out periodically. Skip sweets and choose fruit instead, as this will keep them operating on a much more even keel. If you are invested in making sure that your children eat healthily, mix up a big bag of snacks before you leave. Dried mango, raisins and granola bars are all excellent choices for the mum on the road.


Remember that children do prefer to be entertained. If you are going on the road with a campervan, there are plenty of opportunities for them to be engaged even if you are driving. Invest in a few car-friendly games. Games with small pieces often have magnetic versions where they adhere firmly to the board, allowing the players to continue to play even when things get a little bumpy.

Carry Plenty of Medication

Small children often get motion sick or acquire headaches if they are in the car for an extended period of time. Make sure that you have a full complement of medication that is appropriate for children when you hit the road. Doing this can help you ensure that your children stay comfortable. If your children are very young, you may wish to consult with a physician about what they should have.

When you are ready to take your children on the road, make sure you are prepared! A campervan vacation is a great opportunity for you and your kids!