5 Apps for Busy Mums

Rush, rush, rush. The busy life of a Mum seems never ending, and it seems that there is just not enough time in the day. But help is at hand with these 5 great apps to help take away some of that stress, do the shopping, and a little me time! We have picked 5 of the best apps below.

Tesco Mobile (Free)

A fantastic feature packed app from the UK’s leading supermarket chain, you can do your shopping, find recipes and check your Clubcard balance all from this app.

The app works surprisingly well on the small screen. You can even turn your phone into your Clubcard to scan at the till, and the scan barcode feature is excellent to replenish your cupboards quickly. Out now on the Apple App store and Google Play Store

Groupon (Free)

Probably the biggest and best group price saving company now in app form. Keep up to date with the latest deals and bargains, and maybe find a nice break for the family. Groupon run thousands of deals every year, and the group buying element ensures great discounts. Out now on the Apple App store and Google Play Store

Jamie’s Recipes (Free, recipe packs £1.49 each)

Good old Jamie, saviour of many family mealtimes has a fantastic feature rich app, full of videos, tips and guidance to create that perfect family meal. Jamie himself takes you through some of his quick recipes and the 20 minute meal pack is excellent for those needing a quick meal. Out now on the Apple App store

Talking Tom Cat (Free with Ads, £1.49 ad free)

Let’s face it, at some point your children will demand your phone, so to stop them posting to Facebook, try out this funny and well-designed game where Tom can amuse your kids with actions and sounds. The Tom Cat series is wide, but the original still provides the best fun for the best price. Out now in the Apple App store and Google Play Store

Whatsapp (£0.69 App Store, Free on Google Play)

For networking with the rest of the mum’s, Whatsapp is a tour de force in instant messaging. Group messaging, picture and video sharing, it’s all free without using your monthly text balances. Great for organising those nights out! Out now in the Apple App store and Google Play Store.

Amazing apps and this is only the start. Smartphones have changed the face of how we communicate with others, and in this time poor world, any help we can get, especially as a busy mum, is most welcome! Why not try these apps today and maybe grab back some of that time?