4 Things To Do The Day Before Your Plastic Surgery

4 Things To Do The Day Before Your Plastic SurgeryIf you are have made the decision to have plastic surgery, be sure to prepare yourself the day before the procedure. As with any type of operation, there are certain steps that should be followed. Ask your surgeon for any specifics. Here are four steps you can follow as a general rule of thumb.


Surgery, whether it is elective or medically necessary, takes a toll on the body. You’ll want to prepare yourself mentally and physically for the day of your procedure. Avoid stress and do your best to steer clear of negativity. This is a great time to schedule a visit to the spa for a massage and a long soak in the hot tub. At home, try meditation, deep breathing exercises, and soothing music. Watch an enjoyable film or lose yourself in one of your favorite books. Head to bed early and get a good night’s rest.

Make Sure All Arrangements Are Set

Confirm all of your plans to transportation to and from surgery. Be sure you will have someone with you for at least twenty four hours after your procedure. If you need someone to take care of you while recovering, have a reliable friend or loved one that you can count on. This is your chance to let someone pamper you. For additional suggestions, see http://www.sandiegoplasticsurgeryclinic.com/breast.php.


Relish a long, hot shower or bath. You’ll want to use mild soap and shampoo. You may also be advised to use an antibacterial wash before your procedure. Depending on the type of operation, you may not be able to take another bath or shower for several days. Enjoy it while you can and soothe yourself in the process. Light candles, turn the lights down low, and turn on the radio. If you do this before bed, raising your internal body temperature only to bring it down will prepare you for sleep.

Eat Light

This is a day to eat light, from morning until an early dinner. You may opt for several, small meals, remembering that your system could be thrown off after your procedure. Anesthesia, pain medicine, and an operation tend to knock the body out of balance, affecting the digestive system. Follow your doctor’s recommendations to the letter. Generally, no food or drink should be taken after midnight.

If your surgery is the next day, have a positive outlook. Be ready and ask questions from a competent surgeon.

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